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How to get in touch with the folks at Hack Club VIT Chennai.

Questions and Feedback
We're always excited to talk with members and companies about the hackathon movement and experiences at our events. Have questions about being a part of Hack Club, participating in hackathons, or sponsoring them? Have feedback for Hack Club? Drop us a line here.

Report a Code of Conduct Violation
Hack Club takes the Code of Conduct seriously, harassment and abuse are never tolerated at Hack Club and its events. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable at an event, don't hesitate to get in contact, using here or through any of the methods found in the Code of Conduct.

Appeal a Code of Conduct Decision
Hack Club may from time to time take disciplinary actions to ensure Hack Club and its events are as safe and welcoming as possible. Disciplinary action may be appealed by the recipient per the Hack Club Disciplinary Action Policy.